This is ironically on of our best sellers thought it is not really on our DIY list as the skill level needed to construct the moose is slightly higher than most of our DIY projects.  If you are and advanced DIYer and good with tools then maybe this cute moose is right up your moosy alley!moose


This project is certainly able to customized for color but also for what you may want to put in it…. whether storage or maybe lining it and putting a nice little flower bed in it.

This moose would definitely nicely accent a country garden, or maybe you live near a lake and just use him to store some equipment needed for when you go out on the water.

We have built this with an optional lid as well so the belongings don’t get as weathered.

This Moose was sold to a Memphis Landscaper


For our first non drunk item we feature a wonderful and simple way to add some cool lighting down that dark hallway in your home.

Though it is worth mentioning that one of the main pieces used for this craft is a mason jar, which was used exclusively back in the old moonshine days, so this could still be in the “drunk” series, but unfortunately it is not…. so I digress….



This again can be entirely customized to fit your needs by changing the color of the wood, the chain, or even painting or designing the mason jar to change what illuminates.

This craft is super simple and requires very little manual labor, just creativity, though it certainly is easiest to finish off with an electric candle down in the jar……. though if you prefer real you could certainly put  a real one in there.

If you use a real candle put a small on in and let it melt all the way down…. then put a new candle in right on top of the old wax but make sure the new candle is a different color.

Repeat this process until the the jar is full of different colors of wax and you have a brand new uniquely created decoration to set on a shelf somewhere, get two new mason jars to rehang for the lanterns and repeat until you are sick of it!

Welcome Bear



This adorable door hanger gets a medium rating on our DIY scale.  Anyone that is approaching your door won’t be able to help but have a smile as they walk in to your country style home.

Any simple slab of your wood of choice and a cute paint job that fits your style and you have an incredibly awesome unique greeting sign for your door.

Drunk Pallet

Alright, I am guilty… I had to get one more in for our “drunk” series of crafts.

If the rake is not sufficient decor for your kitchen/bar and maybe you need a little more country feel, or maybe you have a country mancave you need some wall art for.   This creation can be a range of sizes to accommodate what you need to support, and can be customized for multiple objects or displays.

wine rack

This is in our advanced section of our DIY collection not because it is a super difficult creation, but does require a little more poser tool knowledge and experience.

Again with this rack regardless of the size you decide to make it the Drunk Pallet can be a wide array of colors and finishes, depending on what you create it to display and what it is hanging on.

For super advanced DIYers you can add some LED flexible track lighting on the bottom that would illuminate up through the wine bottles giving you a tremendously beautiful amount of soft mood lighting in your bar area.

Drunk Rake

OK…. I don’t know if you are beginning to recognize a pattern at all, but yes… we drink a little.

And of course by a little i mean…. a lot….

drunk rake

This project clearly belongs in a country home and is a perfect quaint, space saving technique for your wine glasses, martini glasses, or even champagne glasses.

This is a very affordable DIY project.  So easy that you can likely find all of the items needed already laying around the house, probably not being used.

For further design and creativity you could change up the ribbons on the rake or even spray paint the rake head with a different color to accent the wall or maybe an antique crackle finish making this your very own unique creation to display and dry your own alcohol holders!

The Drunk Bird

The Drunk Bird is one of my personal favorite creations by our staff.

It takes only about 10 hours to make the item, but takes a few days for us to go through all the wine!

drunk bird


This fantastic Birdhouse is constructed with 100 corks from champagne and wine bottles, with carefully placed toothpicks and glue and a little bit of woodwork to top it off.

This is a fun craft to accomplish and an even more fun craft to get the materials for.

This post brought to you by Stair Lifts Memphis

If you are interested in learning how to make anything on this blog simply contact us at and let us know.  Occasionally we offer instructional classes teaching you how to make these on your own.

We also like to create a a bird feeder that accompanies this creation that we tend to fill the extra wine that provided the corks, hence giving this creation the name “the Drunk Bird”



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