Drunk Pallet

Alright, I am guilty… I had to get one more in for our “drunk” series of crafts.

If the rake is not sufficient decor for your kitchen/bar and maybe you need a little more country feel, or maybe you have a country mancave you need some wall art for.   This creation can be a range of sizes to accommodate what you need to support, and can be customized for multiple objects or displays.

wine rack

This is in our advanced section of our DIY collection not because it is a super difficult creation, but does require a little more poser tool knowledge and experience.

Again with this rack regardless of the size you decide to make it the Drunk Pallet can be a wide array of colors and finishes, depending on what you create it to display and what it is hanging on.

For super advanced DIYers you can add some LED flexible track lighting on the bottom that would illuminate up through the wine bottles giving you a tremendously beautiful amount of soft mood lighting in your bar area.