For our first non drunk item we feature a wonderful and simple way to add some cool lighting down that dark hallway in your home.

Though it is worth mentioning that one of the main pieces used for this craft is a mason jar, which was used exclusively back in the old moonshine days, so this could still be in the “drunk” series, but unfortunately it is not…. so I digress….



This again can be entirely customized to fit your needs by changing the color of the wood, the chain, or even painting or designing the mason jar to change what illuminates.

This craft is super simple and requires very little manual labor, just creativity, though it certainly is easiest to finish off with an electric candle down in the jar……. though if you prefer real you could certainly put  a real one in there.

If you use a real candle put a small on in and let it melt all the way down…. then put a new candle in right on top of the old wax but make sure the new candle is a different color.

Repeat this process until the the jar is full of different colors of wax and you have a brand new uniquely created decoration to set on a shelf somewhere, get two new mason jars to rehang for the lanterns and repeat until you are sick of it!