The Drunk Bird

The Drunk Bird is one of my personal favorite creations by our staff.

It takes only about 10 hours to make the item, but takes a few days for us to go through all the wine!

drunk bird


This fantastic Birdhouse is constructed with 100 corks from champagne and wine bottles, with carefully placed toothpicks and glue and a little bit of woodwork to top it off.

This is a fun craft to accomplish and an even more fun craft to get the materials for.

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If you are interested in learning how to make anything on this blog simply contact us at and let us know.  Occasionally we offer instructional classes teaching you how to make these on your own.

We also like to create a a bird feeder that accompanies this creation that we tend to fill the extra wine that provided the corks, hence giving this creation the name “the Drunk Bird”